The Spirit of Prophecy
Second Edition

by Daniel Knezacek

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The Spirit of Prophecy, an in-depth analysis of the bible's End Times prophecies, is designed to be an early-warning handbook for the identity of the Antichrist, and a detailed chronology of the order of the End Times events.  It is also designed to be a manual for those caught on earth after the rapture!

If you are scratching your head wondering how contemporary events fit into the biblical picture this is the book for you!

This is the book you should leave behind on the day of the rapture!

The Spirit of Prophecy is a "No holds barred... Take no prisoners!" detailed analysis of the biblical End Times prophesies. It is for those who want the truth at all costs!
  The Spirit of Prophecy will open your eyes to just what exactly is going on in the world, and events just around the corner!

What you will find in The Spirit of Prophecy:

  • End Times signs of imminent rapture!  Yes, there are prophecies that must be fulfilled before the start of the Tribulation period

  • Examine two End Times, pre-Tribulation wars, which will occur while the Church is still on earth. You will see which nations are involved, and the relation of the rapture to these events
  • Exposes A "Decoy Tribulation" period, just around the corner, which Satan will use do deceive the world!  This deception will cause professing Christians to support the Antichrist!
  • The Rapture; not only for the Church, but THE WAKE-UP CALL FOR ISRAEL!  As such it can actually be found in several places in the Old Testament!
  • The biblical ancestry of the Antichrist, his nation, and the city of the Beast exposed! 

  • What of the city of Rome?  Does Satan have a plan for this city?

  • Which American city will be the target of an unprecedented (nuclear) attack, during the coming wars?
  • Numerous signs and prophecies the "big name" scholars have missed!

These are just a few of the new discoveries found in The Spirit of Prophecy. These contentions, and many more, are backed up with over 700 biblical references, as well as many quotes from other authors, both modern and ancient. You will find that the purpose of this book is to lift up the Lord Jesus Christ, and His witness, the Holy Spirit.   

This is THE book (besides a King James Bible) you need to leave on your bookshelf on the day of the rapture!

You will not find a more accurate examination of the bible's End Times prophecies!

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