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Daniel Knezacek is just an ordinary guy.

Dan was born in 1961 in Toronto
, and grew up in Richmond Hill, and Innisfil, Ontario.  He resides in Southern Ontario with his wife, Bev, and two teenage sons, Karl and Klem.  His oldest son is a police officer with the Ontario Provincial police.

Dan has worked in a variety of of fields including, farmer, commercial pilot, printer, graphic artist, drafter, machinist, and CNC Programmer.  Going back to college at the age of 40 years, he graduated with honors in the spring of 2003, as a "Mechanical Engineering Technician - Computer Numerical Control".

In his spare time Dan has built a two seat homebuilt airplane, which he test-flew himself, and lived to tell about it!  One of his favorite pastimes is making changes to this airplane to try to make it go faster!
  From the first flight until now, (summer 2011), Dan has been able to gain almost twenty miles per hour, just by cleaning up the drag profile of his airplane! (See the picture below)

In spite of his busy life, Dan's passion has become the study of the Word of God.  Being saved at the age of thirteen, Dan has at times wandered away from his God, but God never let go of him!

When his first marriage ended in divorce at the age of twenty one years, Dan was called back into fellowship with his Savior, Jesus Christ.  Because of his divorce, Dan began a study of the bible's teachings about marriage and divorce.  This study ultimately led to the research for chapter 8 of his book The Spirit of Prophecy.  Yes indeed, the study of the biblical approach to marriage has its ultimate end in the prophecies of the millennial reign of Jesus Christ, with a very strong contrast between the reign of Jesus Christ, and that of the Antichrist.

The study of biblical Prophecy is not just an interest, or even a passion.  Ultimately the study of the biblical prophecies is all about the character of Jesus Christ!  Dan has come to the conclusion that to ignore biblical prophecy is, in fact, to ignore Jesus!  This is why Dan's book is called "The Spirit of Prophecy", for in Revelation 19:10 when John was about to worship the angel, the angel said to John;

10 And I fell at his feet to worship him. And he said unto me, See thou do it not: I am thy fellowservant, and of thy brethren that have the testimony of Jesus: worship God: for the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.

The testimony of Jesus should be very important to you, for it is on His testimony we hang everything!  Our entire destiny is dependent on who Jesus Christ really is!  Jesus is the only Savior known to men, and while the coming Antichrist will claim to be a Savior, he will actually be lost himself, and will drag the majority of mankind into the Lake of Fire with him!  Anyone who denies that Jesus is uniquely God in the flesh, will one day soon support the Antichrist!

Over the years of attending Church, and reading many books on theology and prophecy, Dan discovered occasional inconsistencies between the various preachers, writers, and the Word of God.  By comparing Scripture with Scripture, and cross-referencing passages frequently overlooked, Dan has discovered many unique facts and ideas, which when woven together, form a unique picture of the bible's version of the End Times.  Unique, that is, yet amazingly consistent with the biblical prophecies of the End Times.

While dispensational in outlook, one could say that The Spirit of Prophecy has moved, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, beyond Classical Dispensationalism, and adds some unexpected, and amazing things that the majority are not aware of!  You will not find a more accurate study of the bible's End Times prophecies!

Dan is just an ordinary guy, but his God is extraordinary!

The Knezaceks attend a local Brethren Assembly in Barrie, Ontario.

Dan operates a blog, housetops.me, which can be accessed HERE

Dan is available for interviews.  He can be reached by telephone at 1-705-794-5741

Dan's Zenair Zodiac CH-601 HD, First flight with the Subaru engine, spring 2008

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