Introduction to The Spirit of Prophecy

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My introduction to the subject of prophecy came while I was a teenager, in the nineteen seventies. My parents were Evangelical Christians, of the Baptist persuasion, and so I was exposed to writers and speakers who were generally Dispensational Premillennialists, Fundamentalists, or Biblical Literalists. Over the years since, the interest sparked has been a constant companion, sometimes taking up more, and other times less time, but always present.

This work will be somewhat complicated at times. I ask you to bear with me. The Author of the Bible is none other than the Author of DNA, the most densely compact, and complicated, information system known to man. Our scientists, though they have been able to observe some facts about DNA, have yet to figure out how it works to any great depth. God is far more intelligent than all of our scientists combined!

That same Mind is the one who has given us the many prophecies in the bible. He has put His Word together in such a way that some prophecies are impossible to understand, unless you are led to the truth by the Holy Spirit. The gospel itself is very simple, but there are layers, or depths, to the Word of God. If we reject the simple things He will block the more complex things from our understanding, and even when we accept the gospel, in all its simplicity, He will not reveal anything unless it is His timing. I believe that He has revealed some things to me, because it is His timing, because He wants this information to come to!

A word about the Bible; You can't see it unless you believe it! If you do not approach the Word of God with an attitude of faith, you will not see what He has for you. In order to understand the things of God you need to make a decision to believe it first. Some people believe some things that the Bible says, but stumble at certain points. God can only lead you as far as you are willing to follow. Before we go on I urge you to decide to believe the whole Word of God, even if it does not appear to make sense. Belief comes first, and understanding will follow, though you may never understand everything about God. He will always leave some mystery for you.

I have found that when following leads in the Bible, you can be led in several directions at once. One passage may be linked to three, five, or eight different verses in the same, or other books. Like the branches of a tree, the leads can diverge over and over again, yet still remain connected to the trunk. Rather than be like a concordance, which merely tells you where the links are, I felt the need to explain why, and how, these links are important to the study of Eschatology.

Sometimes the links do not even seem to be present, initially, until you dig a little deeper. Some passages were puzzled over for well over thirty years, such as the phrase “the desire of women” found in Daniel 11:37. No, I didn't think of it continuously for thirty years, but every time I was confronted with it, I found the explanations given rang hollow. There was something just not right. Ultimately, I found that the common interpretations of this phrase, as found in many modern Bible paraphrase versions, are incorrect. God meant something else entirely!

Daniel's statement that “the people of the prince that shall come shall destroy the city and the sanctuary” in Daniel 9:26, has led many to the conclusion that the Antichrist shall come from Rome. Everyone knows that it was the Roman armies that destroyed Jerusalem and the Temple, in 70 AD. My first question was, “which nations were represented in the Roman army that destroyed Jerusalem?” The book of Acts (22:28) tells us that there were soldiers in the Roman armies, who had origins somewhere other than Rome. It is a well known fact that Rome was not large enough to control the entire empire without help. I found that Josephus corroborates this idea, and, as an eye witness, has some surprising observations of the destruction of Jerusalem, which are very relevant to the study of this prophecy.

If the Antichrist does not come from Rome, does this mean that the Church of Rome is a true Christian Church, or is let off the hook? Who, or what, is the Harlot of Revelation 17, and 18? Why are there two chapters dedicated to the one Harlot? Could there actually be two Harlot cities? These are other questions we need to take a look at.

When Jesus spoke of “wars and rumours of wars” as a sign of the end, was He just referring to a general condition of warfare, as is commonly thought, or was He referring to specifically prophesied wars? When He said “Let no man deceive you”, was He only referring to those who claim to be Christ, or was he also referring to the signs of the times? Is it possible that the “signs of the times" could be misunderstood? Is it possible that someone could say “We are in the Tribulation period, and it began on such-and-such a day”, when in reality it has not? How do we know?

Israel has been involved in several wars since her rebirth as a nation in 1948. How do we know which, if any, are prophetically significant?

Is it possible that someone will point to a powerful world leader, who fits many of the common ideas of the Antichrist, and say, “this is the Antichrist”, when in fact he is not? At the time many thought Hitler was the Antichrist, and Napoleon Bonaparte, and today many still believe Nero was the man in question. So, why couldn't it happen again?

Regarding the ten nations of Nebuchadnezzar's dream in Daniel chapter 2, also referred to in Daniel chapter 8, and the book of Revelation; How do we know which ten nations are being referred to? What if there is more than one ten nation confederacy?

When will the rapture of the Church occur? Is the devil actually preparing a lie to explain away the rapture, even as we speak? Could he actually be preparing more than one lie, for more than one group of people? Is he doing this under our noses?

While many of these were my own questions, sometimes family members and friends, also asked questions about prophecy, which caused me to do further study. Sometimes I would make a statement, and the answer would come back; “Is that so?” or "how do you know?" which would result in more study. Sometimes I would have to admit that I had spoken too hastily, but other times I found that there was substantial biblical evidence for my statements.

Over the years, as I came across answer after answer, I frequently said to myself, “that's interesting”, and filed it away in my mind. It made bible study very interesting, and I spoke about them with family and acquaintances, but it rarely went farther than that. Some of the answers I have found were startling, and even shocking, to my western sensibilities, however as I continued studying I began to feel as if God wanted me to write about it. Ultimately, I came to the realization that the answers I have been given are not for me alone, but were meant to be shared with the whole world.

If I could sum up the thesis of this book, it is that the devil is real, and always has his counterfeits. His counterfeits are aimed primarily at Christians, since everyone else is already deceived. Because Christians usually know something about the Word of God, it is the purpose of the devil to make them think that biblical prophecy has already been fulfilled. He will try to convince people that the period Jesus referred to as "wars and rumours of wars" is actually the Tribulation period. In order to do this he will have to orchestrate events in a way that closely approximates the real Tribulation events.

The bible does not specifically refer to this time period as the Great Tribulation, because it is not the Great Tribulation of God, but it does mention this time-frame many times. This book will examine the devil's "pseudo-tribulation", and compare it to the real "Time of Jacob's Trouble". While many claim that there is no prophecy that needs to be fulfilled before the rapture of the Church, the bible does indeed say that there will be signs before that event, though no man will be able to know the exact timing. We will spend some time examining those signs.

A Word About the Bible Version Used in the Production of this Book

The King James Bible has been used almost exclusively throughout this work. I have found that the Text, translators, and translation methods, used in the Authorized Version are all superior to those used in the modern versions. Prophecy is actually clearer in the AV than it is in the NIV, RSV, NKJV, ESV, NASB, etc. Not only is prophecy clearer, but so is the gospel! This is simply amazing, considering that the AV will be four hundred years old in 2011!

I used the NIV almost exclusively for some twelve years, but have discarded it in favor of the King James bible, the Authorized Version,  or the AV. Every time I pick up an NIV I am amazed at what looks, to me, like an attack on the Word of God. It is the same with all the new versions. I recently purchased a copy of the AV7, which claims to be an update of the AV, and after checking out some commonly corrupted passages I have not bothered to use it again.

Accordingly, I have included a lot of Scripture in this book. I know many in the western world have discarded the AV, in favour of the new versions, and so this is for you. I encourage you to compare the quotes from the AV with your new version, if you are still using one. I think you will be amazed at the difference.

I don't think it is possible to get the true meaning of prophecy from the modern versions. You might understand some prophecies, but many are corrupted beyond recognition! So much for them being “clearer”!

Let's do a quick comparison of Daniel 11:37. Here are three old versions, The AV, The Geneva Bible, and the Douay Rheims Catholic Bible, and four new versions, the NIV, the ESV, the New Century Version, and God's Word Version;

Neither shall he regard the God of his fathers, nor the desire of women, nor regard any god: for he shall magnify himself above all. (Authorized Version - the King James Bible)

Neither shall he regard the God of his fathers, nor the desires of women, nor care for any God: for he shall magnifie himselfe aboue all. [Geneva Bible 1599]

And he shall make no account of the God of his fathers: and he shall follow the lust of women, and he shall not regard any gods: for he shall rise up against all things (Douay Rheims, 1582 & 1609)

He will show no regard for the gods of his fathers or for the one desired by women, nor will he regard any god, but will exalt himself above them all. (New International Version)

He shall pay no attention to the gods of his fathers, or to the one beloved by women. He shall not pay attention to any other god, for he shall magnify himself above all (English Standard Version)

The king of the North will not care about the gods his ancestors worshiped or the god that women worship. He won't care about any god. Instead, he will make himself more important than any god. (New Century Version)

He will have no interest in the gods of his ancestors or desire for women. He will have no interest in any god, because he will make himself greater than anyone else. (God’s Word)

Here we have utter confusion. The AV and Geneva bible tell us that the Antichrist, as a lawmaker, will not care for the desires of women. The Douay tells us that he will be a womanizer. The NIV, ESV, and NCV claim that he won’t care for the god that women worship, and the “God’s Word” translation tells us that he will not desire women, like a homosexual. There is no way that all these versions could be the Word of God. If they are, then God is very confused!

The AV and Geneva Bible are giving us the literal translation of the original language. That is, they simply translate word-for word from the original, and let the reader figure out what is being said. The truth is that, in this verse, the popular NKJV and NASB also give the literal translation, but the rest of the bibles quoted are giving a paraphrase.

In order for paraphrase to work as a translation method, the translator needs to understand exactly what the author is saying. While the translators of the NIV, ESV, Douay, God’s Word, and NCV, imagined that they knew what was being said, the truth is that they did not. They inserted their own interpretations into scripture, ensuring that this generation would be the most confused, about the Antichrist and his policies.

Did the Antichrist’s ancestors worship many gods or one God? According to the new versions, the Antichrist must come from a pagan family. Specifically It must be a family that had a belief in many gods, for many generations. This would rule out a Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, or Muslim family, since all these faiths hold to one God.

Both the Geneva bible and the AV separate the God of gods in verse 36, from the God of his fathers in verse 37, with the word “neither”, thus indicating that the God of his fathers could be a monotheistic God, and yet not the God of Gods. These two versions allow that the Antichrist could come from a Muslim family, but the new versions indicate that he would have to come from a pagan, polytheistic family.

What god is worshiped exclusively by women? Most women in my life are Christians. They worship Jesus Christ. I do not know of too many women who worship a God different than their husband's or father's God. New Agers worship Gaia, or Sophia, but these goddesses are also worshiped by men. The new versions render this passage into gibberish. Why would it matter if the Antichrist didn't concern himself with the god desired by women? Very clearly, he will lift himself up above all gods anyway.

Notice that there seems to be a digression, where the subject goes from the God of his fathers, to the desire of women, and then back to point out that he will exalt himself above all gods. There seems to be a connection between the God of his fathers, and the desire of women. This is not referring to a “God of women”, but to his policy as a lawmaker, with respect to a policy regarding the desire of women, practiced by the followers of the God of his fathers. The answer is embedded in Scripture, and can be found, if we would only ask the Author.

We will discuss this issue in greater depth in chapter 8, but I wanted to point out one of the profound, and subtle, changes in the new versions.

The Bible has something very specific to say. Its language relates to the real world. It is not subject to interpretation, except the interpretation of the Holy Spirit Himself, and these interpretations are always backed up by Scripture. There are no real contradictions in the Word of God at all. Apparent contradictions always have a solution, which are revealed when the Author is consulted.

My point is simply that I want the most accurate, reliable, Bible that is available, and will not settle for less, and neither should you. The AV (the King James Bible) has stood the test of time, which is something no other bible can boast of. If I have to spend a bit of time learning some old English words, this is a small sacrifice to make for the sake of truth. The truth is more important than the pride, or lifestyle, of modern bible translators. My life, and yours, is at stake!

This is my commitment to you; I will tell you the truth, even if it is politically incorrect, even if it makes me look bad, even if it makes you angry with me. The truth is more important than any person on earth!

Don't take my word for it. I hope, and expect, that my readers will check out everything by the Word of God. Be like a Berean and compare what I am saying to the Bible. Read, and reread, every passage in context. Pray about everything!

These (Bereans) were more noble than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so. (Acts 17:11)

©  January 2011 Daniel Knezacek

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Table of Contents                                         


Chapter 1 - The Foundation of Prophecy     

The Literal Interpretation Method               

Comparing Scripture with Scripture           

The Importance of Context                          

What Was Going On With Antiochus?       

Chapter 2 - The Beginning of Sorrows       

The Doctrine of Imminence                        

Signs of the Times                                    

Daniel Chapter 2                                          

The Ten Toes                                              

Daniel's Seventy Weeks                             

The Great Snatch                                       


All Israel?                                                    

Chapter 3 - The Abandonment                  


Purpose Driven                                           

The Emergent Church                                 

The Shack                                                   

The New Apostolic Reformation              

Chapter 4 - Wars and Rumours                  

Asaph's War                                            

The Name of the Son of God                   

A Covenant                                            

A Pseudo-Armageddon                              

Sheba, Dedan, and Tarshish                     

Chapter 5 - The Unveiling                          

The Land and the Sea                             

The Book of Revelation                            

The Harlot of Revelation 17, & 18             

Chapter 6 - Why a Millennium?                

Divine Mathematics                                    

Chapter 7 - The Case Against Jordan        

An Eyewitness Account                            

A Small People                                           

Amman Jordan                                          

Lies and Scripture Twisting                         

The People of the Antichrist                       

Chapter 8 - Homosexuality, Polygamy, Marriage, and the Antichrist

The "Moral High Ground"                       

Mercy in the Law of Divorce                       

A Logical Solution                                     

The Judges of Israel                                    


Prophetic Implications                                 

The Antichrist and Marriage                        

The Desire of Women                                  

Practical Implications for Today                    

Chapter 9 - The Great Delusion                  

The "What-if" Game                                  

The Days of Noah                                      

The Grand Illusion                                      

Led Zeppelin and Prophecy?                    

The Strong Delusion                                     


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