The following links are presented in the spirit of intellectual freedom.  While I do not completely agree with any of them on every issue, they do present some things worth thinking about.  Browse with discernment:

Virtual Bookworm The publisher of
The Spirit of Prophecy - Second Edition.
Order the Spirit of Prophecy Here

The Spirit of Prophecy as an Ebook
Dan's Blog; Current Events in the light of the bible's End Times prophecies

180 Movie What does the modern West have in common with Hitler's Germany?  What can you do about it?  Highly recommended!  Watch it Here:

Alternative News Sources: You can't trust the big names!

Drudge Report

Front Page Magazine
Crosstalk America
(On-line radio program and downloadable archives regarding a wide variety of Christian and Spiritual News)
Worldview Weekend with Brannon Howse, the news from a Christian perspective, a talk and phone-in show discussing a wide range of topics.  Highly recommended!
World Net Daily: A Free Press for a Free People!
View this video of Oleg Atbashian, a former Soviet Agitprop artist, speaking about the failure of Socialism.  The western world is heading into the same mess that Russia got itself into!

Oleg's book, Shakedown Socialism, can be found Here. (buy it right after you buy The Spirit of Prophecy)
His amazing satirical website: The People's Cube
Huffington Post Monitor, The popular Huffington Post supports terrorism, and is rabidly anti-Semitic and anti-Israel.  Along with Huff-Watch, you can see the Huffington Posts lies exposed!

Discernment Ministries

The Berean Call, featuring Tom McMahon and Dave Hunt (Dave has passed on, but his teachings are as timely as ever.
Lighthouse Trails Research Project "Exposing the Dangers of the New Spirituality"
Apprising Ministries, Awakening to the Light of Scripture (Exposes of the Emergent Church, Purpose Driven, and the modern Apostasy)
Olive Tree Views
, with Jan Markell
Discerning the World Discernment Blog with information on a wide variety of relevant subjects
Apologetics Coordination Team, vital information about deception in the Church

Tithing: Low Realm, Obsolete, and Defunct  The absolute BEST study I have seen on the subject of tithing.  What does the New Testament teach about giving for the Christian?  What is the status of the New Testament believer in relation to the Saviour?  If you have ever sat under a tithe teacher this book is for you!  The truth is that it is much more about the believer's status in Christ than most preachers would have us believe!  It is more about the leading of the Holy Spirit than it is about following laws and principles! Highly Recommended!

Free Software!
You don't have to spend a lot of money to make good use of your computer!

Xiphos (Greek for a "two-edged sword") Bible Software with many translations and multiple languages. For use on Windows, Linux, and Mac computers.
Ubuntu a fast and secure, simple, Windows-like operating system based on Linux. Used in the production of The Spirit of Prophecy!
Scribus Open Source page-layout software, used for creating books and magazines, for Linux, Windows, and Mac.  Used in the production of The Spirit of Prophecy!
Inkscape An Open Source vector graphics editor, with capabilities similar to Illustrator, CorelDraw, or Xara X.  For use on Windows, Linux, and Mac computers.
Open Office a full featured office suite, available for Windows, Mac, and Linux
Flight Gear Open Source Flight Simulator!
  Complete world maps are available from this site, and many different aircraft models!  For use on Windows, Linux, and Mac computers.


Debka File (Analysis of the News from Israel)
Ha'aretz ("The Earth" An Israeli News source, including some Arab writers, a little to the "left" but worth reading.)
Virtual Jerusalem
The Jerusalem Post
Learn Hebrew Free! An old course by the Foreign Service Institute in the 1960s.  It may be dated, but it's free, and should get you speaking conversational Hebrew, with a bit of work.
The Rosh Pina Project, a site by Messianic Jews in Israel.  Excellent content, and thought provoking.
Christians United for Israel There is something you can do!
Israel National News

About Islam
Is Islam a religion of peace?  Find out for yourself:

Atlas Shrugs, Pamela Geller's award winning blog. (Some good stuff, but secular in outlook)
Bible and Qur'an
Blazing Cat Fur
Ezra Levant (Excellent Canadian commentary on Islam and Politically Correct insanity)
Front Page Magazine
See Andrew Klavan's proposal for a One-State Solution to the Middle East crisis.  The amazing thing is that his proposal is actually similar to the boundaries given in the bible for Israel's future, as I outlined in The Spirit of Prophecy!

Idiot's Guide to Islam

In the Name of Allah
Jihad Watch 
Take Back Canada
The Gates of Vienna An Excellent site most recently persecuted by Google
Political Islam - Political Islam is Islam's ideology about unbelievers, kafirs.
The Straight Way of Grace
(Usama Dakdok, an Egyptian Christian's ministry to Muslims and Christians)
The Religion of Peace
Winds of Jihad

Here is Usama Dakdok's excellent presentation on Islam:

Islam has two major defeats coming in the near future; The Psalm 83 war, and the Ezekiel 38-39 war.  Once these wars are finished, and "Radical Islam" is defeated, the world will be looking for peace.  This, however, will be the time that the Antichrist arises, the time of greatest danger the world has ever seen.

Prophecy Related Links

Armageddon Books
Rapture Ready
Lamb and Lion Ministries
Hal Lindsey

Prophecy Central
Rapture Forums
Learn Hebrew
Bill Sallus' Page (Prophecy Depot) - Home of the recommended book: "Isralestine- the ancient blueprints of the future Middle East"
Bible Prophecy Today (blog)
Eschatology Today
Prophecy Update
John McTernan's Website and blog
The Author of "As America Has Done To Israel".  Highly recommended!

Blogs of Interest

Bible Prophecy Blog, various authors write about prophetic themes
Rapture in the Air now, an End Times bible prophecy blog Dan has contributed to on occasion
Now The End Begins, an End Times bible prophecy blog
Bible Geek Gone Wild
Housetops, Dan's personal blog

Political Action:

Discover the - Who are the left/Liberals associating with?  Follow the money!

Scientific Creation Ministries

Institute for Creation Research
Creation Ministries International

Answers In Genesis
"Saint dot com" ( articles about Ooparts (out-of-place artifacts), the Ice Age, human/dinosaur interaction, and other ancient puzzles.  Excellent!
The Ica stones,
dinosaurs in ancient art

Survival in Dangerous Times

Disaster resistant dome homes.  Can your home withstand major earthquakes, fires, tornadoes, and storms?  If you are considering building a new home, this type should be on the top of your list.  Disasters are coming, and the Christian Church will be here for some of it.  Now is the time to prepare.  These homes are not only exceptionally strong, but are energy efficient and "green".  (No, I am not Mid-Trib, there have always been disasters during the Church age, and we can expect them to intensify as we near its end!)

UFO Related Links:

It is the contention of The Spirit of Prophecy, that the UFO phenomenon is closely linked with the End Times delusion spoken of in the bible.  While some UFO sightings may be experimental vehicles, produced by various world armed forces, many others have a spiritual origin, and all close encounters with "alien" beings are actually encounters with fallen angels!  These fallen angels have an agenda that includes your destruction!  See the following links for more information on this subject:

MUFON (The Mutual UFO Network)
The J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies
Alien Resistance Ministries
The Present Day UFO-Alien Abduction Phenomenon as interpreted from a Biblical Precedent
Alien Intrusion, a ground breaking analysis of the UFO phenomenon

The Emergent Church?

The Best analysis of Fascism I have ever seen is found at Pirate Christian Radio's Extreme Theology blog, in an article entitled "Fascism Reborn".

Check out some of the other articles and mp3 files from Pirate Christian Radio.  Please note that Chris Rosebrough is a Lutheran, and I am not.  There are some areas of commonality but there are other areas of great difference.  Lutherans and Calvinists have a tendency to redefine biblical terms to fit their theology.  Rather than focusing on Calvinism the question should be
"Does Rick Warren's theology line up with the bible, and the bible's definitions?"  When Chris Rosebrough compares Warren's, and other's, teaching to the bible he is on the right track:

An Expose of one of the major errors of Calvinism; Does God love every person or only the elect?  Calvinism is correct that even those in the Lake of Fire will glorify God, while they are here on earth He gives them every opportunity to repent, and these are real opportunities.  No one in Hell will be able to say "I'm here because I had no chance to be saved!"

And part 2

We could summarize this error of Calvinism by noting that the character, and nature, of God is misrepresented in Calvinism.  To the Calvinist, Jesus only died for the elect, but they forget that Jesus is the God of the Old Testament, who stated:

Who hath measured the waters in the hollow of his hand, and measured heaven with the span, and comprehended the dust of the earth in a measure, and weighed the mountains in scales, and the hills in a balance? Isaiah 40:12

Jesus is the infinite God, and therefore His blood has infinite value.  Yes, He died for the whole world, but His blood is only applied to those who believe!

And he is the propitiation (satisfaction) for our sins: and not for ours only, but also for [the sins of] the whole world. (1 John 2:2)

He died for you.  Have you received the forgiveness He offers?  If not, receive Him today!  The time is short before He comes in judgment!

Calvin's warped view of the doctrine of regeneration:

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